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for Watching Videos?

VideoExtractors - the first platform that rewards you for
watching videos and answering a few questions.
Work whenever and wherever you want.
All you need is a phone or a computer.

Hear from Other Extractors

Tina R

"VideoExtractors is a great platform and it's unlike other survey platforms. It's great to just watch videos and answer questions. The rewards really accumulate when I extract multiple clips in the same session. The variety of work is nice and the amount received is attractive for the time on the platform."


"VideoExtractors has been a good alternative source of income for me. The amount of work available on the platform allows me to earn ample amounts. Whenever I get stuck or have questions, the Support is quick to provide responses and direction."

Roger K

"My experience with VideoExtractors has been great. I like the freedom to work where and when I want. Whether I have 5 minutes or 2 hours, I can login and work. It’s easy to watch videos and answer questions about the content while at home, at the library, or even commuting."

How does it work?

Get Registered and Certified

Join the extractor community by filling out a 2-minute registration form. Then pass a simple, free test. Now you are an Extractor!

Watch Videos and Answer Questions

You will be invited to the “Extraction Zone” where you will watch video clips and answer a few questions such as How many cars do you see?
Companies will use your answers to help them improve their businesses.

Earn Rewards

Receive Amazon or PayPal rewards which are automatically sent to you periodically.

Watch videos and get rewarded